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Matt had done a series of dementia presentations for the seniors at our wellness center. Not only did our seniors enjoy the presentations, but requested he returnat least once a month from then on. He was able to explain the information in a way that was very easy to comprehend, and he was very understanding when it came it the seniors' questions and concerns. Matt also writes a wonderful blog, Peace With Dementia, full of proactive interventions and resources available for caregivers and family members. Again, he is able to explain the information in a way that is easy to understand, as well as setting an empathetic tone throughout theblog, which is so helpful being that dementia can be a sensitive subject for some. It is always a pleasure working with Matt, as well as watching him in action. The passion behind his efforts and research is inspiring.

Carly Carrone-Wellness Program Coordinator/Music Therapist-Metairie, LA.

Matt was an outstanding student and person. He always scored among the top in my classes. Moreover, he is highly committed to bringing about positive change in the lives and care of senior adults. I have come to know Matt personally and can honestly say he has superior social acumen skills when it comes to working with people. He is the total package which any company or corporation would want. Most of all, he has integrity and high morals, qualities which are rare in these times. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this wonderful person.

Chris Johnson, PhD, Gerontologist and Clinical Prof. of Sociology--M.S. in Dementia & Aging Studies, Dept. of Sociology, Texas State University

Matt is passionate about what he does! He is an excellent presenter with a wealth of knowledge in the field of dementia. He offers a valuable support system for caregivers through an approach that is scientific, practical and innovative. We were pleased to have Matt give his presentation to members of our congregation and look forward to hosting him again!

Valerie Englehardt RN BSN - Faith Community Nurse at Mary, Queen of Peace Catholic Church - Mandeville,LA

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Peace With Dementia Blog

What is Peace with Dementia ?

How can I put these words in the same sentence?

There is no doubt that dementia- a term describing progressive decline in memory, communication, judgment, focus, and visual perception- is a horrible condition. Many times, dementia is considered "the long goodbye," robbing a person of self, only to become "a shell of a person." If you look at it that way, you almost guarantee a horrible experience for you and the person with dementia.

I use the term "Peace with Dementia" to describe a journey where a care partner has accepted the unfortunate condition and is making efforts to make the best of the situation. Acceptance is, of course, after seeing medical providers and eliminating a reversible type of dementia...

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